KMNP Law is an established and highly recommended multidisciplinary law firm. Starting from New Delhi in a short span of seven years it has made a name for providing tailor made solutions in a highly efficient and affordable manner. It is positioned at the cutting edge of judicial innovation through an uncluttered approach to the practice of law. ‘Out of the box’ is not a cliche’ with us as we apply our collective minds to every challenge that confronts us. Perhaps one of the few firms in the country with a footprint not only in peninsular India but also in the dynamic North East of India – it handles matters across Assam and the seven sisters. As a testament to our efforts stands a reputed and contented clientele which includes household names, high net worth individuals, corporate houses, high profile institutions, trusts, charitable organizations, Bretton Woods Organizations, non-governmental organizations, non-banking financial corporations, public sector undertakings, trade unions, registered societies, multinationals et al with interests in India and the world at large. Our lawyers have traveled extensively to visit its clients in the mines of Kalimantan and Suriname, factories in Japan, delivered talks in Egypt, visited with Ministers in Malaysia, negotiated with trade unions in Kerala, advised Ambassadors and other plenipotentiaries, conferred with archbishops and cardinals conducted arbitrations in London, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, negotiated agricultural supply contracts in Tunisia, and also handled the more ‘mundane’ and ‘regular’ court work across India – with grace and poise.


KMNP Law believes in an approach built on a firm foundational knowledge of the facts as well as the law. Our experience has taught us that more often than not the difference between victory and defeat is the lack of a thorough investigation, into the facts and circumstances of each case. Each and every case for us is therefore – unique. Through the years we have moderated our approach based on evolving a proper strategy for every matter. Sometimes that approach has avoided costly litigation. KMNP Law approaches issues by addressing the root causes in a manner that offers an effective, yet exhaustive resolution to our clients. As mentioned earlier many of our lawyers have acquired extensive experience assisting clients in specific geographic regions of the world including in India, Hong Kong and Singapore. Our years of experience dealing with cultural differences (intra-country as well as inter-country) has enabled us to easily navigate through otherwise difficult cross-border negotiations or even inter-state issues. Our active participation and leadership roles in prominent international legal networks and our extensive dealings over the years with service providers around the world give our clients unprecedented and immediate access to qualified assistance in many countries.