Environment Law

Environmental Law

As India’s corporate sector responds to the growing environmental compliance and CSR requirements, KMNP Law offers guidance to its domestic and international clients on India's wide range of environmental laws and related case laws. Our law firm provides advice on environmental laws, rules and regulations, governmental incentives available to further environmental interests, including tax credits, grants and land use provisions. Our areas of Expertise include:

  • Environmental rules and regulations
  • Environmental Tax credits
  • Grants and land use provisions
  • NOC from Pollution control boards
  • Carbon Trading Compliances
  • Renewing of environmental permits
  • Environmental Impact Assessment regulations
  • Hazardous waste management (by hospitals, clinics, manufacturing industries etc.
  • Forest and timber regulations
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution related to Environmental laws

Development & management of:

  • Desalination Plants;
  • Irrigation Projects;
  • Biomass and Bio fuel Projects;
  • Radioactive matter; and
  • Emission Rights

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