Technology: Computer hardware, Games, Online e-commerce, New media, IT and outsourcing services, and Software

KMNP LAW's technology sector lawyers work across practice areas and offices to support technology clients in all their places of business. From startups to fast growing and mid-market businesses to mature global enterprises, our clients are companies that develop or create technology, are enabled by technology, or whose business model is fundamentally based on technology. As a firm which understands both law and business, we’re uniquely well positioned to help manage risk and fuel your growth – no matter how fast your enterprise grows or the direction in which your industry evolves.

The combination of our technology lawyers' legal and business experience in the tech sector, along with the collaborative structure of our practice, gives us a unique multidisciplinary perspective that can help reduce risk, identify opportunities, and save you money. The diversity of our clients reflects the broad range of our capabilities.

Our technology sector clients include companies in the following areas:

  • Technology Contracts & Disputes
  • Privacy, Data Protection & Information Management
  • Computer hardware
  • Games and entertainment
  • Online commerce and new media
  • IT and outsourcing services
  • Clean tech
  • Semiconductors
  • Software
  • Telecommunications

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