Maritime & Admiralty Law

Maritime and Admiralty Law

KMNP Law, Maritime and Admiralty Law Group include a number of dedicated specialists who work exclusively on matters related to it. We cater to providing services for onsite Investigation and assistance as required, dealing with local lawyers, government inspectors, surveyors and experts. We offer the benefits of a global business law firm by making use of our database of specialist foreign lawyers (network) and shipping experts throughout the world.

KMNP Law is positioning itself to be at the forefront of advising these kinds of industries where our extensive experience covers:

  • Marine Insurance
  • Ships Assets and Releases
  • Ship Finance
  • Ship Registration`
  • Shipping Litigation and arbitration
  • Collision and Salvage
  • Contracts for Construction
  • Ship Sale and Purchase
  • Leasing
  • Sale and purchase of second-hand tonnage
  • Construction of ships, rigs and port facilities
  • International joint ventures
  • Incorporation and management of offshore companies
  • Taxation
  • Port regulations
  • Cargo claims
  • Laytime and demurrage disputes
  • Hire and off-hire claims
  • Unsafe port or Berth claims
  • Performance warranties
  • Bunker disputes
  • Ownership disputes.
  • Agency/freight forwarding matters
  • Commodity disputes
  • CIF and FOB contracts
  • Trade finance and documentary credits
  • Freezing injunctions/ ship arrest or release 
  • Drafting of contracts and other documentation relating to shipping

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