Defamation, Libel and Slander (Civil & Criminal)


 Defamation is the publication to a third party of a statement which causes or likely to cause serious harm to your reputation. The defamatory publication will either be a libel or a slander. Libel relates to a defamatory publication which is permanent.

This includes written material (books, newspaper and magazine articles or material published online), as well as allegations appearing on TV or radio whereas Slander relates to more transient publications, principally spoken words or even physical gestures.

Any person, company or other legal body involved in publishing the defamatory material can be sued in libel or slander.

Our firm provides advice and also guidance for defamatory suit being filed against the person or for defending the same. Our area of expertise includes the following among others:

  • Filing and defending of defamatory suits
  • Compensation Calculation against Defamation
  • Monitoring content
  • Vetting documents and online content for our clients
  • Monitoring breach of rights
  • Acting for a media and promotions company in relation to defamation issues
  • Other related matters regarding loss of Reputation and Identity

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