Competition, Anti-Dumping Laws

Anti Dumping

With Advert of globalization use of trade remedy actions has become more of a business and economic tool rather than a mere necessity measure. Dumping occurs when a product is sold for export below the price obtained in the home market or is sold below its full cost of production.  Under the law, a domestic industry that is injured by such dumping can seek relief through the imposition of an antidumping duty order. The anti Dumping law is therefore a salute measure which prevents destruction of our industries which suffer from dumping. Our law firm represents the clients in challenging various anti dumping and countervailing duties before the Authorities. The expertise in our firm provide various kinds of Legal Services  to our clients in respect of anti dumping laws , investigating various import statistics , anti circumvention laws  and also regulation related to WTO.

 Our clients benefit from KMNP Law expansive knowledge of the factual and legal issues relevant to antidumping proceedings assisting clients in all phases, including:

  • Advice on WTO & Indian Anti-dumping law
  • Making, reviewing and translating anti-dumping annual review application
  • Original investigations
  • Administrative reviews
  • Five-year (sunset) reviews
  • Mid- tem Reviews
  • New shipper reviews
  • Scope inquiries
  • Anti-circumvention proceedings
  • Judicial challenges.
  • counter-veiling duties & Safeguards including planning pricing program’s to minimize anti-dumping exposure
  • Filing and responding to anti-dumping petitions
  • legal analysis for the Documents
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Guidance and help in filling out various kinds of questionnaires; providing consultancy and legal opinions to clients and liaison with governmental authorities and industrial associations.


Competition / Anti Trust law

Competition policy encroaches upon all aspects of commercial conduct and strategy. In India, companies have to comply with competition laws, both in relation to transactions and commercial behavior. Before the Competition Act 2002 came into effect the MRTP Act, 1969 was the governing legislation in respect of the competition policy in India

KMNP Law Competition/Antitrust Law Team has enough expertise to cover all aspects of Indian competition/antitrust law. We conduct competition audit and due diligence for developing appropriate guidelines for employees, distributors, agents, franchisees, etc. We specialize in drafting claims, counter-claims, replies,  and all litigation matters pertaining to competition law in India . We also conduct due diligence with respect to mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures with appropriate anti-trust safeguard measures and policies and also provide market studies to identify competition concerns. The team specializes in all aspects of competition law:

  • Anti-competitive agreements
  • Abuse of a dominant position
  • Acquisitions
  • Amalgamation
  • Merger control
  • Competition and intellectual property
  • Advice on restrictive practices
  • Cartel investigations
  • Competitive tendering and public procurement
  • Leniency applications
  • Providing strategies for anti-trust risk management
  • Concession arrangements
  • Joint ventures
  • Distribution systems
  • Sector regulators
  • State aids and subsidy
  • Conducting competition audit

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