Armed Forces Personnel

As an armed services member, you put everything on the line, offering your highest performance in defense of your country, our freedom, and those who cannot defend themselves. KMNP Law offers a wide range of services to meet the legal needs of serving personal and their families, as well as retired service men and women. 

KMNP Law is able to offer legal advice of all matters, from civilian issues to courts martial, calling on our Lawyers wealth of experience, in every matter relating to Armed Forces life.

KMNP Law is proud to put everything on the line as well to defend and serve military members with the same high-performance standards of dedication, discipline, and skilled training.  We draw upon our extensive arsenal of legal resources, expertise, and experience.

  • Courts martial
  • Boards of Inquiry​
  • Correction of Military Records
  • Evaluation Appeals
  • Reprimand Appeals
  • Discharge Review Boards
  • Personal Appearances
  • Records Reviews
  • Employment
  • Family law
  • Litigation
  • Personal injury
  • Wills and probate
  • Power of attorney
  • Property and Land Law

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