Landmark Engagements

Below is a partial indicative list of our recent engagements. If further detailed information is required the same can be provided. We would be happy to share further details over a personal meeting.

Coal De-Allocation Cases

This matter attracted wide publicity both in India and abroad and was directly responsible for the beginning of the collapse of the then Manmohan Singh Government. The Supreme Court struck down the entire allocation of Coal Blocks as illegal. This judgment paved the way for the ‘public auction’ system of natural resources. This three judge Bench decision has been widely acclaimed, as the harbinger of probity and transparency in an opaque system of distribution of State largesse.

Private Client

Representing the erstwhile Maharajah to protect his status as the sole trustee of the richest temple in the world. This involved complex questions as to the nature of the covenants entered into by the Union of India with the erstwhile princely State and the status of a ‘ruler’ in the present day and age and the temple treasury.

Mining Industry

A landmark judgment by a three judge Bench of the Supreme Court of India, wherein the Court held that a mining ban was justified in the face of colossal illegalities in mining and allied activities in the State. This judgment was widely welcomed as it clarified several questions of public importance, particularly in the intersection of constitutional and environmental jurisprudence. Our India office represented five mining clients in the matter, for each of whom separate oral hearings and written submissions were submitted before the Court.

Private Client V. Large Petroleum Corporation

The matter pertains to a question which is at the intersection of the law of conveyance and constitutional law. A public sector company whose lease had already expired was in possession of the disputed property. The question pertained to recovery proceedings.

Leading Franchise Restaurant Operator

The matter dealt primarily with the issue of payment of Stamp Duty, its quantum and legality in the context of landed properties for Fast Food Restaurant outlets in the North of India. This matter was widely followed by the hospitality industry specifically the fast food and other allied segments.

Entertainment and Film Industry

This matter pertains to the law of Negotiable Instruments Act and has the pre-production agreement of a Tamil film as its backdrop. The key issue was whether law of evidence is sacrosanct, in the determination of matters related to the bouncing of cheques.

Mining Industry

This matter primarily challenged the entire concept of preferential rights, under the Mines and Mineral (Development and Regulation) Act. Our fundamental submission before the Supreme Court was that the interpretation of Section 11 would render some vital sub-sections otiose. This matter led to some sweeping changes in the State; where in new Gazette Notifications were issued with a clear beginning and ending date, thus eliminating the arbitrariness in doling out state largesse.

Private Client

This land pertains to a large land parcel. The key issue was whether the Bank may auction valuable property without notifying the exact date of sale. The Supreme Court held that a sale, where the Notification was unclear would not be valid. This is a widely reported judgment.

International Trade

The Firm has also been engaged on behalf of one of the largest gold wholesalers in India, for their proposed takeover of a gold mining concession, in the lower Amazon region of Suriname. This involved close coordination with the Government of Suriname and was challenging; as Suriname is a civil law jurisdiction.

Private Client

One of the fundamental questions in this matter was whether the principles underlying Order XXII of the Civil Procedure Code would operate in revisional jurisdiction of the High Court under Section 115, which is only to correct an error of jurisdiction or a material irregularity. The matter pertained to a complicated suit relating to partition of assets.

Private Client

This matter was a classic David vs. Goliath fight, in which the firm represented a small land owner, who was fighting for his land leased out by his ancestors, to a British Planter 110 years ago. Our challenge was to the interpretation of the Land Acquisition Laws, which technically gave “koodiadappu” rights to commercial plantation companies.

Global Hindu Religious Body with presence in 150 countries

Representing our client to protect its interest and to reclaim the properties and wealth of one its significant branches in India. This involved complicated issues relating to Trusts as well adjudication of several intertwined corporate disputes. KMNP Law was also involved in the attempt to settle the dispute amicably at the behest of the Supreme Court of India.

Leading Global Hotel Chain

A Fortune 500 European based Hotel Chain having operations across India where the Firm has been responsible for drafting management consultancy agreements (Hotel Development Service Agreement), trademark & copyright intellectual property infringement, negotiations with owners for joint venture and acquisition agreements, arbitration (both domestic and international), suits, petitions and other litigations in Jaipur, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, New Delhi, Dehradun and more in Courts at all levels ranging from the Supreme Court of India, various High Courts, District Courts, Tribunals and Judicial as well as Quasi-judicial authorities.

Leading Global Aviation Airline

A Leading Aviation Airline headquartered in Singapore having operations and destinations across India where the Firm has been responsible for airport service agreements, lease and license arrangements, aviation bilateral policy advisory, code share agreements, white collar crime detections, labour disputes, employee human resources redressal, company formation, regulatory and compliance advice.

Private Education Clients

The Firm has handled a variety of matters relating to medical colleges, engineering colleges, para-medical intuitions, schools and colleges on a variety of matters pertaining to issues of recognition, statutory clearances, legal compliances, and contentious litigations between students, teachers and managements. The firm has also advised several minority education institutions on the issue pertaining to interpretation of Article 30(1) of Constitution of India.

Maritime and Shipping

The Firm has been recently involved in a multi-party litigation on behalf of a Dubai based shipping Company, where the legal definition of a “Combined Transport Bill of Lading” was sought to be reinterpreted by the consignor (a large manufacturer of precision engineering goods in Dubai) and the consignee (a large Delhi based importer) in a Delhi Court.

International Trade

The Firm been engaged by large International trade organisation based in Geneva on a question under the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992 as to whether an arbitration clause (with a foreign seat) could oust each and every judicial proceeding or quasi-judicial proceeding in India. Our subsequent legal advisory and related action was instrumental in setting up of the Review Committee under the Director General Foreign Trade – to weed out traders of sub-standard materials in international trade of goods.